It’s sanma season!

29 Oct

Ok – so here we go, take the plunge.  First things first – tonight, we had slow roasted organic chicken drumstick as a main course with steamed broccoli as a veggie, supplemented with natto mixed with chopped cooked string beans, and chopped negi seasoned with ponzu and a little soysauce.  No carbs?  That’s OK.  The little one had some mushed organic turkey and veggie (celery, broccoli, carrots, onions and garlic scapes) soup, finished off with banana and pear sauce.  Of course, top it off with a bottle with milk.  She’s learned to say ” Mum mum mum mum” when hungry…

This morning we had scrambled egg with sanma mixed in – I had grilled them the night before, and had deboned/filleted the fish.  She scarfed it down in a most delicious manner, and sighed, asking for more.


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