Halloween Eve and last minute crisis = cheating

30 Oct

I should know better than to pick up a (323) call at 5:10.  Actually, I should know better than to check my voice mail.   But then again, that’s why I’m where I am… and not climbing the jungle gym ranks of upper corporate management.

Forget about the details – long story short, almost two hours later, I crawl into the house, the girls already fed by super hubby, and the older one bathed, squeaky clean.  I piece together – my older dreaughter had left over yakisoba from last night (pre-planning and leftovers RULE!) while the little one evidently had 7 or 8 cubes of prepared and frozen mush.  I’m not sure what she actually ate, but my understanding is that she inhaled most of her mum mum.

I ordered from “Precious” in East Northport where the woman HAS to know I’m always calling them for a large quart of Hot and Sour soup and steamed pork buns … the delivery guy certainly knows us, since I don’t skimp on tip, and recently, I’ve noticed our delivery time is half of what they claim on the phone, and they throw in some extras.  The last time we stopped in at Precious (maybe the first and perhaps the last for now..), the delivery guy was coming into the driveway of the restaurant, and actually smiled and WAVED!  See what an extra dollar tip does?

The older one had blueberry muesli with milk this morning – since I knew she would have a nauseating amount of sugar, and possibly junk at daycare in celebration of Halloween Eve – might as well try to get the fiber, vitamins and antioxidants into her at breakfast.  Being the neurotic mother, I stop at Panera to pick up a cinnamon raison loaf (thinly sliced!), as well as a few bear claws and chocolate croissants, and then to North Shore Farms for some fruit.  I can’t fathom sending white processed sugar in the form of candy into daycare – perhaps the pastries have the same amount of sugar, but I rationalize, it all evens out with the fiber and vitamins contained in the raisins in the bread and the antioxidants in the chocolate.

Happy early Halloween, and did I say, I love hot and sour soup?


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