First lunch!

27 Sep

First Lunch!

My older one starts bringing her lunch today.  In an effort to keep my food priorities and efforts continual, I started preparing for today’s lunch Saturday. 

Her menu today is: 

Steamed multi grain rice (Brown rice, sprouted rice, millet, quinoa, barley, wheat berry) mixed with ground black sesame seeds and a little salt.  This is topped with browned ground turkey simmered in a little dashi, soy and mirin.  Other part of the rice topped with blanched spinach which was wrung out, chopped, and seasoned with a little ponzu and ground sesame seeds. 

A side of parboiled and sliced okra with a drop of ponzu sauce, and a separate side of braised kabocha squash, carrots and shiitake in dashi, soy sauce and mirin. 

Her thermos has 10 ozs of chicken and veggie soup (carrots, onion, celery and spinach) with turkey and flax meatballs. 

All packed up in a bento box courtesy of Jiji and Baba in Japan, sectioned off by silicon muffin cups.  Accompanying utensil is a spork I found on  I am so addicted to this site!!  

Anyway – all fit nicely into her LL Bean lunchbox.  

Hope her first day goes well.  I debated packing chopsticks, but given the potential of injury to others, self, or out of fear of having her pull a Claire a la Breakfast Club, I figured I’d wait to hear how her lunch went today


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