Day 2!

28 Sep

Whether from excitement, peer pressure or poor time management, Hana’s lunch yesterday was a half bust.  However, I’m never one to give up – so here we go with day 2 of packing lunch!

Harusame salad with thinly sliced and sauteed peppers, carrots, onions and shiitake seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce and a little rice vinegar

Kinpira gobo or sauteed and simmered julienned burdock root, carrots.  The veggies were simmered down in dashi, mirin and soysauce after being sauteed in a little sesame oil

Okra parboiled and sliced with a little ponzu

Parboiled broccoli

Organic Grapes and carrots sticks in a separate container

Soup – try again with the chicken soup with veggies with turkey and flax meatballs.

Hopefully she’ll try another go at this.  I’ve made kabocha croquettes as a back up for dinner tonight or lunch.

Last night, the girls had broiled sanma with grated daikon and soysauce with rice, seaweed salad, sauteed pea shoots with ginger dressing.  I also finished off my project of sliced bitter melon sauteed and tossed with cellophane noodles.  Next time, thinner slices of bitter melon!  All this of course, accompanying the multigrain steamed rice.  Ran out of time to make a soup – hopefully I can get the timing right so I can have a miso soup of some sort to round up the meal.


One Response to “Day 2!”

  1. Jenn December 11, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    you make me smile. Great seeing you today.


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