Back to lunch!

12 Oct

We had a nice time with extended family during the past few days – and we’re back to school bento again!

Today’s menu:

Grilled drumettes with Trader Joe’s 21 spice seasoning

Okra – with a little ponzu (per her request)

Steamed beets – again, per her request

Steamed sweet potatoes

I ran out of ideas trying to figure out a rice dish.  I may finally have to take on the sushi roll challenge – but of course, have either cucumber, avocado or some variation of a California roll.  The dilemma?  I’ve never actually made a “roll” so I have a feeling I’ll be eating a lot of mistakes. 

She originally requested “egg soup” – usually egg-drop soup, but I don’t know if she truly would dig into the soup. 

Last week, I actually had packed whole wheat rotini with a turkey meat sauce with sweet peas, but the lunch came back in its entirety, uneaten.  Turns out, Friday is pizza day, and ALL the other kids have pizza.  My husband said “No way is my child going to be the only one NOT eating pizza!”

So there we go.  One day less I have to worry about!


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