Thursday lunch – one more day to Friday!

14 Oct

Today’s lunch was based on her feedback, as well as trying to add more variety to her daily choices.  However, she still likes her beets and her chicken – so will have to start incorporating them into actual dishes to keep them interesting.  I also want to start including additional items that my mom also cooked – just need to work on my repetoire!

– braised chicken drumettes with savory sesame seasoning
– one survivor braised broccoli
– steamed sliced beets
– spinach goma-ae, or spinach with sesame dressing
soba noodles with sauteed julienned carrots, onions, sweet peas and aburaage, or deep fried tofu

Her teacher told me not to worry – her lunch isn’t strange at all, and that I should sit at her table or lunch one day. Whew. There is also a Japanese teacher’s aide as well who speaks to my daughter in Japanese – so that was nice to hear!

As for pizza day, the teacher also told me not a big deal – there are many students who don’t eat pizza on Fridays, so I shouldn’t be worried.


To those reading this blog and I’ve bombarded with email reports regarding the blow-by-blow progress of her lunches – sorry to clog your inbox! I’ll just keep this blog updated to diary what the menu is :).


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