Pizza Friday!

15 Oct

Today is pizza day, so I just sent in her water bottle.  The lunch box looked sad and empty, so I quickly added a bit of chopped green salad (my mother-in-law’s dinner… :P) with romaine lettuce, chopped celery, sliced mushrooms, and peppers.  Nothing red unfortunately, but I figured the tomato sauce on the pizza should count!  I then included a small bottle with a soy-ginger dressing, and told her she was going to be able to put her own dressing on!  She was very excited.

I just realized I must have given her far more dressing than needed, and hoping the dressing doesn’t spill out afterwards.  Oh well – we live and learn.

I cooked a simple dinner for my mother-in-law who’s helping me out by picking the girls up from daycare.  I seasoned a pork tenderloin with Trader Joe’s 21 spice seasoning, and grilled it on high heat for about 10 minutes on each side.  I then removed it from the heat, and put it in a corningware with a lid – hoping it would act as though I had covered it in aluminum foil to let it rest, and continue cooking.  I also made her a salad (which I grabbed a little for my daughter’s lunch) as well as a side of mixed vegetables.  Hopefully she likes it!


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