Monday lunch!

18 Oct

I had a productive weekend – we took the family to the Oyster Bay Festival, and we had some great bonding time. 

Sunday was my usual chore day, starting around 8:30 am, when I hit the local Trader Joe’s, Stop and Shop for little bits and pieces of items such as soap refill and another pyrex container – and then onto my favorite weekend haunt – Makinajian’s Poultry Farm.  This is my favorite place to buy organic, seasonal produce – and I enjoy talking with the owners who plant, pick, raise and run the farm.  Mick and Tina are always greeting their customers with a smile, and I look forward to seeing them every week.  They are patient with my kids running around their small store – and are always happy to know how healthy the kids are eating.

Today, my daughter’s lunch was:

Baked organic turkey meatballs with two types of mushrooms (minced shiitake and button), chopped onion, celery and grated ginger; quarters of daikon, braised in dashi, soy sauce and mirin glaze

Blanched asparagus spears with soy sauce and ginger vinaigrette

Baked beets, sliced and layered with thinly cut carrots (raw)

Organic Whole wheat pasta salad with blanched and chopped beet greens, corn, carrots, peas, string beans with a parmesan cheese dressing (grated cheese, olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper)

Organic Celery sticks (a la “Wonder Pets“)


Hopefully she enjoyed the carrot pieces I cut into flower shapes with old vegetable cutters I uncovered in the kitchen – courtesy of my mom!


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