Tuesday lunch – plan B

19 Oct

To  my dismay, my daughter’s lunch box and backpack were forgotten at the daycare center yesterday.  Therefore today’s lunch was packed in a Tupperware sandwich carrier.

Today’s menu:

Slow baked organic chicken drumstick seasoned and backed with TJ’s 21 spices, soysauce, rice vinegar and a little ginger (small piece of wax paper wrapped around bottom for holding)

Left over chicken lo main with additional peas, carrots, beans and corn added for some color

Roasted beets, sliced

Organic Celery sticks

Container of Horizon reduced fat organic plain milk

Last night, I told my daughter, if she wanted to attend preschool, she needed to remember her backpack.  I want her to learn about responsibility, and the importance of being prepared for school.  My husband (and today, my co-workers) chided me for being so strict – but this ties into my hopes to raise kids with a basic respect for their possessions, as well as the understanding that one must be prepared and responsible in order to attain a proper education.  Sounds like heavy material for a pre-schooler – but hopefully she’ll remember her backpack going forward!


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