Thursday Lunch!

21 Oct

My favorite miso soup made by my mother had thinly sliced Japanese eggplant – sauteed in sesame oil – and was in a red miso soup base.  There was nothing more delicious than having bowlfuls of the savory soup with eggplant pieces that melted away on the tongue, the flavor of eggplant, the fragrant sesame oil and miso mixing deliciously as one breathed in and savoured the soup.  I miss those dinners!

I’ve tried to copy my mother’s recipe – but it often takes too long to make after I get home from work.  I’ve started pre-cooking slices of eggplant in a little olive oil, sesame oil, and a bit of soy sauce to have cooked eggplant ready to go.  All that would be left would be to make the miso soup – which is quite easy to do once some kombu and dried shiitake mushrooms soak in a pot of water to create a quick dashi base.  I then remove the kombu and mushrooms and set aside – and bring the water to boil over high heat.  Once boiling, I lower the heat, and add red and white miso paste.  I’ll have to provide exact measurements in another blog – but basically, once the miso is incorporated into the dashi, I add the eggplant, and strengthen the heat.  However – NEVER boil miso, as it ruins the fragrance and flavor.  I bring the soup almost to boil, and turn the heat off.

Thursday’s lunch is:

Shredded Organic Chicken drumstick baked with TJ’s 21 seasoning spice and soysauce

Roasted Organic Beets

Sauteed Organic Japanese eggplant, seasoned with a little sesame oil, soy sauce, and pepper

Steamed organic multigrain rice (Takikomi gohan) with three types of mushrooms, seasoned with a little soy sauce and dashi

Blanched organic spinach, well drained, mixed with ground sesame seeds and a drop of soy sauce

Hope she liked her lunch!


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