Wednesday Lunch ~ just a day behind in posting!

21 Oct

Our organic home garden is still producing an abundance of peppers – so I picked up a bunch in the hopes they make it for another week before the frost sets.  They are small and sweet, and extremely fragrant in the house.

Over the weekend, I made stuffed peppers by halving eight peppers, de-seeding them, and stuffing them with a ground, organic turkey, minced mushrooms, chopped onions, a little grated ginger, seasoned with a little soy sauce.  These were put into a CorningWare dish, lightly oiled with extra virgin olive oil in an oven set at 350 degrees.  I topped each one with a mixture of ketchup, Bulldog (Japanese Worcestershire sauce) and HP sauce .

My daughter helped me prepare a butternut squash, which was also roasted.  In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, I added a small pat of butter, and browned minced garlic (one clove) and an onion.  Once fragrant, I added a tablespoon of whole wheat flour, and mixed this together.  Once the flour was well incorporated, I added two cups of organic, low sodium, vegetable stock, and stirred it into the onion mixture.  I then incorporated the cooked squash with a spoon, slowly mashing into the liquid.  I continued stirring the squash, and once it started to bubble up again, lowered the heat, and added a half cup of organic milk.  I also added half a bag of organic baby spinach, (washed again, although it claims it’s pre-washed) and let the greens wilt down.  I let the mixture bubble for about ten minutes, and added a handful of grated Parmesan cheese, slowly stirring everything together.  

To this sauce, I added some Organic brown rice penne that I had cooked earlier.

For Wednesday’s lunch, I made:

Mini stuffed peppers with organic ground turkey,  minced mushrooms, grated ginger and onion
Roasted organic beets
Sliced organic cucumbers
Blanched organic asparagus with soy sauce, rice vinegar, white pepper and olive oil dressing
Organic Brown Rice penne with roasted Butternut and Parmesan sauce

My daughter seems to never tire of her beets…!


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