Elbow deep in Yakisoba and salad

25 Oct

… and it’s Monday again.  This past weekend’s activities kept me buzzing – including multiple social get togethers – one in plain clothes, delicious food, good company, and the other, dressed up, nice nibbles and similarly, good company – followed by a Pot Luck dinner at my daughter’s Pre-School.

Menu?  Yakisoba (for 10) and a green salad.

3 Packets Yakisoba (3 servings each) – will get the brand

Onions, Celery, Carrots, Cabbage, Peppers

Bulldog Worcestshire Sauce


HP Sauce

Olive Oil

I was in automated julienne mode – onions, carrots, celery, cabbage, peppers, … bring ’em on!  I probably had about 3 pounds of onions, a pound of carrots, a bunch of carrots, five large leaves peeled off of the head of cabbage, and six small peppers.  The cut vegetables were put into a large pan, about 12″ x 10″, and sorted into stacks.

In a large frying pan over medium heat, I heated up olive oil, and cooked the vegetables in 2 batches in the following order: 

Onions and carrots, until the onions started getting fragrant.  I then added the celery and peppers.  I added two pinches of salt, and two shakes of white pepper.  I continued sauteing the vegetables, and added the cabbage at the end.   My intent is to try to keep the vegetables crisp to add some contrast to the softer noodles.

Once the vegetables were  done, I set aside in a separate dish.  Into the same pan, I added 1 teaspoon of olive oil, and 3 squares of yakisoba noodles (I bought “fresh” noodles at the Japanese store).  I then added 3/4 cup of water, and continued cooking the noodles until they separated.  The noodles actually come with a pre-packaged seasoning packet, but I thought homemade might be an interesting challenge, so I added:  1/2 cup Bulldog Worcestshire Sauce, 2 tbs Ketchup (I can hear someone laughing at me after I decried Mark Bittman’s actions…), 2 tbs HP Sauce (Did my husband just wince?).  I then, added 1/3 of the cooked vegetables into the pan, and mixed the noodles, vegetables and sauce together.  I’ll be honest.  I added some more Worcestshire sauce to adjust the flavor – but I think this is up to your preference. 

Once everything was mixed, I put into a Corningware, and tackled the next set of noodles. 

Vegetarian Yakisoba

I also signed up to bring a green salad, so I continued my chopping marathon.  Vegetables were all washed, and peeled if necessary.

Green Salad (for 10)

One package Trader Joe’s Organic Romaine lettuce (includes 3 heads)

One organic English cucumber

One carton organic grape tomatoes

Five ribs organic celery

Two small-ish organic red peppers from our garden

Four small organic green peppers from our garden

Six organic button mushrooms

I washed the romaine lettuce, and tore the leaves into bite sized pieces.  I put the washed pieces into the salad spinner  and told my daughter, it was her absolute IMPORTANT duty to spin away.  She brought her stool over to the counter, and patiently spun away while I continued my chopping spree.  I even managed to step into the garden to pick the peppers, and I slipped back in to catch her lifting the spinner lid off and gazing at the dizzying whirl of lettuce. 

She helped arrange the layers – and here’s a picture of her gorgeous salad.  I did balance out the top layers a little bit to maintain color balance, but she didn’t mind.  We brought in a bottle of Annie’s Goddess Dressing to accompany.  It certainly was delicious, and a success!

She did it!

Courtesy of my daughter, the salad artist

Now how to retract my criticism of Mark Bittman using… *gasp*  ketchup….?


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