Monday Lunch!

25 Oct

We had an eventful weekend, and an abundance of food left over from the Pot Luck dinner.  She’s just going to have to hang in there, and have some left overs!

Today’s lunch is:

Vegetable Yakisoba

Sauteed organic spinach and organic beet greens with shredded chicken, seasoned with a little soy sauce and pepper

Organic grape tomatoes – raw

Blanched organic asparagus, a little soy sauce

Seaweed salad with a little shiso and soy sauce dressing.  The seaweed salad itself was reconstituted in water for 10 minutes, and then well drained.  It doesn’t taste fishy (I don’t think seaweed tastes fishy, personally) and it has an interesting crunch.  I tell my daughter it’ll keep her hair long and healthy – similar to something my own parents told me many years ago during my childhood… – and she enjoys eating it.

She tried a little bit of the seaweed salad this morning and enjoyed it, so hopefully she’ll finish it for lunch as well!


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