Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday ~

26 Oct

We’re rapidly approaching the end of October, and it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies!

Fall is my favorite time of year – fall festival, foliage, food…  Usually the crisp autumn air, faintly perfumed with the scent of crisping, gorgeous leaves leads me to think of fragrant soups, delicious roasts, and warm casseroles.  This year, it’s been an interesting year with the warmer weather lingering – fingers holding onto the warmth of a slightly tired sun.  Shadows creep up earlier than before, and at night, the air puts on a slight chill.

Today’s lunch honors this in between weather:

Grilled organic chicken drumettes seasoned with a little olive oil, soy sauce and freshly ground pepper

Roasted organic beets, sliced (yes, we are back to magenta!)

Organic Japanese eggplant, seasoned with sesame oil, soy sauce, dash of white pepper

Organic whole wheat spirals in a roasted organic butternut squash and parmesan sauce with carrots, peas, green beans and corn

Organic carrot rounds and celery sticks

I added a little extra sprinkling of sea salt on the pasta, since it tends to taste a little blander when it’s at room temperature.  The salt crystals do nicely crunch, so hopefully she’ll enjoy!


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