Thursday – last Thursday of October…

28 Oct

My daughter didn’t touch the lotus root yesterday – whether it was from lack of time, or the fear of something completely alien looking…

I offered it again when we got home with chopsticks – and held the thin disk in front of my eyes.  “Look, I can see you through the renkon!!” I exclaimed, peeking at her through the holes.  This elicited a response – “Mama I want to try too!”  I then told her, “Try it, it’s really really crunchy!  Pari Pari!”  She hesitantly opened her mouth, and took a mouse-sized nibble and chewed.  Her face lit up, and she then said, “I LIKE renkon!  More Mama, more!”  She then devoured three disks of the braised renkon.  “Mama, I want beets and renkon tomorrow for lunch!”

Hence, my daughter’s lunch includes beets again (and renkon).  Thankfully she’s potty-trained.  If my younger daughter, who is still in diapers, ate beets everday, I may be called out by my caretaker to feed them something else.

Today’s lunch is:

Grilled salmon fillet, lightly salted, broken into larger pieces as I de-boned the fish

Roasted organic beets, sliced

Hijiki, braised in a dashi, soy sauce, mirin and shiitake stock with bamboo shoots, carrots, tofu shirataki (spaghetti cut) and chopped shiitake

Renkon slices (lotus root) thinly sliced, left overs from yesterday’s lunch.

Steamed organic mult-grain grains (brown rice, millet, quinoa, barley, hatsuga genmai ) mixed with black sesame salt, or kuro gomashio.

Hopefully she’ll give the lotus root another try, and not be too distracted to eat the rest of her lunch!  I could imagine her spending a good portion of her lunch hour playing peek-a-boo with her pre-school lunch buddies!

One point to note – I am aware of the various warnings posted by various international agencies regarding the consumption of Hijiki.  There are a few things I consider and weigh out as I prepare my meals:

  • Despite the potential ties relating to health issues, the US government and its agencies still allows the consumption of a multitude of artificial sweetners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial food coloring, partially hydrogenated oils,  and other food additives, as well as antibiotics and hormones to be utilized in our food (some via food supply).  To top it off, we now have to contend with the introduction of GMO‘s/Genetically Modified Organisms into our food supply. 
  • The issue of BPA/Bisphenol A safety continues to be debated – and yet, plastics are still being used to cook, prepare, microwave and store food, with mixed messages abounding regarding its safety.
  • School budgets are slashed, ultimately limiting the choices of healthy dining options for our children, and with diminishing focus and time for gym (and other similar activities requiring physical exertion) our children are becoming even more sedentary.  There’s no appropriate place for candy, soda and other junk food in schools as an “option” for students.
  • Advertisements for fast food, candy, sweets, sodas, and other junk food dominate television programs, especially those which our children watch (with the exception, perhaps, of Nick Jr regarding commercials, but sweets are still used within their programming)

With all these societal issues plaguing our current environment, I’ll take a chance and serve my children a bit of hijiki on occasion, which my ancestors have eaten for years.  Even better, yes, I believe we all have gorgeous hair.


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