Newbie mom mistake…

2 Nov

I scurried around the kitchen last night, trying to figure out a good lunch for today, pre-assembling lunch items that can be put into the silicon muffin cups the night before.  I usually put together items such as the beets, meatballs and broccoli rabe (sans seasoning) in her box and leave at an eye-level shelf in the refrigerator.  This way I can grab it and finalize seasoning and adding the cooled rice in the morning.

I packed my daughter’s favorites:

Roasted organic beets

Steamed multigrain rice topped with my version of a Japanese raguratatouillebabaghanoush-esque sauce made with organic ground turkey, minced organic garlic, minced organic celery, a drop of organic roasted butternut squash, and organic Japanese eggplant sauteed first in sesame oil, and then cooked down in organic chicken stock, seasoned with a little soy sauce, mirin, salt, pepper and organic red miso paste.  Not visually appealing, but absolutely delicious.

Baked organic turkey meatballs – still leftover from the batch made for Monday’s lunch

Organic broccoli rabe tossed with a little soy sauce and katsuobushi

As I fanned the rice to cool before packing, I blankly watched the morning news.  Depressing news about a famous hiker who was blown off a mountain and through a crevice, and plunged to his death, 700 ft below.  My heart broke, thinking about his family left behind.  I then came to my senses when I saw the clock hitting “crucial” up-and-go time, and went into full-blown, morning rush-hour mode.  “Wake up wake up wake up!!”

Needless to say, after I dropped my girls off at daycare, hit less-than-usual traffic on the highway, I put two and two together, realizing today is Election Day.  School is closed.  No bento needed.

Oh well.  Lesson learned!


One Response to “Newbie mom mistake…”

  1. your bro November 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm #

    hahahahaha doji

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