Monday bento time again!

8 Nov

This past weekend blew through like a hurricane.  The girls’ holiday pictures were taken – both portraits, as well as a session with a very low-key, relaxed Santa Claus at the Mall.  My older daughter asked for a kitchen, and the little one stared at Santa’s face with eyes, the size of saucers.  We managed to take a picture thanks to a window of non-screaming, thanks to a lollipop bribe.  Santa, who we’ve seen at the mall for the past four years promised next year, the little one would be better.  “They outgrow the fear by the time they are three,” he laughed.  I hope so…

My nephew’s first birthday party was this weekend.  Surrounded by eighteen children under the age of eight, and twenty adults – half of them glued to Sunday afternoon football – I tried to let my girls have a good time at the party, but I couldn’t help but notice the amount of sugar they were ingesting.  Perhaps I’ve become too paranoid to even allow the girls to be children – and to enjoy lollipops, candy, cupcakes, potato chips, white pasta with bread, soda, juice… Yet, I feel irresponsible simply listening to others who claim “Oh – it’s just one day, let them have fun.”  Perhaps it was the photo lollipop that also weighed on my conscience…

I’ll just have to deal, and find balance!

Today’s lunch

Cellophane noodle salad with sautéed julienned organic carrots, onions, celery with a ponzu and sesame seed dressing. 

Garlic sautéed organic spinach with a little salt and pepper

Organic pepper stuffed with ground turkey and flax on a bed of TJ’s organic foursome veggies, topped with a little ketchup

Sliced organic cucumbers


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