A case of the “Mundays…”

15 Nov

I admit I stretched myself a bit thin this weekend.  I was in two states within 24 hours, and went from educational, cultural and wholesome children’s fun to grown-up bachelorette celebration within the same span of time.  My husband was in two different states and then another country within 48 hours.   My super power in-laws stepped in to help me coordinate this feat, and my children enjoyed spending time with their aunt, cousin, and grand mother.

I unfortunately did not have a chance to stop at my favorite weekend haunt due to the excruciating time spent on the parking lot otherwise known as the Belt Parkway – the necessary, but only road I’m willing to travel to cut across Brooklyn.  I weighed out the options in my head – do I sit on the Cross Bronx, or do I sit on the Belt.  Given the potential of having an alternate means of travelling east bound on the Belt Parkway (if I had the patience to travel through the Rockaways and avoid getting lost) I steeled myself, and settled in for a long, drawn out sitting session of traffic resulting from people unable to fight their urge to rubberneck at other’s misfortunes.

I managed to get myself to Trader Joe’s, and scrounged through the produce section.  Going to Trader Joe’s on a Sunday evening is akin to picking through the sales rack during the last hour of a Black Friday sales event.  There are self-absorbed people rattling away on cellphones, heads cocked to one side as they sift through the tired bags of prepackaged greens.  They dizzily push their shopping carts in ellipses, careening from produce to cheese, and back.  Organic spinach, romaine hearts and fruit are all sold out – the bins empty like gaps in an elementary student’s mouth.  Frustrated shoppers, myself included, pick through the jumble of produce and grains shifting across invisible demarcation lines between labels and sections.  A thought briefly crossed my mind as I recalled the news reports I was listening to on a loop as I sat in traffice about the reusable shopping bags, and how they are reporting they contain lead.  I quickly shook that off, and thanked my conscience for selecting bags that were NOT made in China, and hopefully reduced my chance of contaminating my groceries with lead… (from my favorite site, reusit.com). 

I swore to myself as I always do after a Sunday afternoon shopping expedition – next time, I’m going shopping at the crack of dawn!

I then started to prepare for today’s lunch.

Thank goodness for backup meals and entrees that I froze in advance!

Organic Turkey meatballs with flax seeds, minced organic onion, carrots and celery.  These were made and saved from last week.

Blanched organic spinach, chopped and mixed with nametake or seasoned enoki mushrooms.  The mushrooms themselves are pre-packaged and jarred, and I’ve bought them at the Japanese store. 

Steamed organic multigrain rice, steamed with mushrooms, carrots, konnyaku , aburaage, seasoned with soy sauce and dashi.

Organic Carrot sticks


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