Almost the weekend…

19 Nov

Thursday’s lunch was spent at a much-needed session of socializing with a co-worker, and picking up a dog bed.  Hence, the delayed post.

My beloved labrador soiled her bed – and unable to salvage, I went on a quest to find a comfortable replacement for her stiff legs.  I found an orthopedic bed with a comfortable egg-crate insert, and covered in faux shearling.  I brought the bed home, was covered in dog-kisses, and she promptly flopped down and did not move from her bed until the next morning.  My heart had ached a bit, since I had to dispose of her soiled bed the night before – and I had spread a towel on the  floor for her to lie on.  I heard her toss and turn all night – her collar jingling and jangling little bells until dawn broke.

Thursday’s lunch was an attempt to add diversity to my daughter’s lunch.  It consisted of the following:

Thinly sliced pork wrapped string beans and enoki mushrooms, sautéed and seasoned with a soy-sauce, ginger and mirin dressing.

Blanched and sliced organic string beans, seasoned with Krazy Mixed-up Salt.

Sautéed lotus root, seasoned with sesame oil, salt, pepper and a dash of soy sauce.

Steamed organic multi-grain rice with gomashio.


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