Monday lunch for a very short week!

22 Nov

Compared to last weekend, I enjoyed a slower pace, as well as more time with my girls.  The weather was unseasonably warm – and my husband pulled out the last of the pepper plants.  I rescued my lavendar and rosemary plants that he had “cleaned up” and re-potted them.  I often joke how I am married to a man who shoves things into the netherworld… and how true these statements are.  He cannot stand clutter, while I must sort through the minutia of every single item and give each piece a home.  Together, this combination of frantic disposer and scrupulous reviewer often result in a clash of the opinions.  Thankfully, over the years, he has slowed down on the pace of disposal, and I have learned to speed up the reviewing process. 

Today’s lunch is:

Buta-niku no shogayaki, or sliced pork sautéed with ginger with sautéed napa cabbage, carrots and onion

Steamed organic multi-grain rice with gomashio (black) and sweet peas

Sautéed chikuwa, celery and aburaage sautéed until the chikuwa is a little crispy, and the celery still crunchy, seasoned with soy sauce and mirin

Organic cucumber slices

My favorite holiday is this week!  I actually changed my turkey order at Makinajian farm, increasing the size of the bird to 22 lbs.  Looking forward to the gorgeous smells of Thanksgiving cooking, later this week.


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