Happy *early* Thanksgiving

24 Nov

School is closed – so no lunch today! 

This week is a celebration of events with half of my immediate family celebrating their respective birthdays, a wedding anniversary, and my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving.  I look forward to the long weekend celebration with close family, and lament my parents can only join from across the ocean via telephone. 

There is much to be thankful for this year.  As I’ve told my girls, we are thankful for a warm house, a full tummy, and a family full of love.  We are thankful for the closeness of dear friends and family, and the many friends and family members who think of us often, and we in turn, think of them.  We are thankful for the simple things, the crisp air that tingles the nose – the scents, scenes and sounds of the seasons slowly shifting from autumn to winter. 

We are thankful for the memories and the experiences we had with those who no longer are physically here, but live on in our hearts and our memories.  Thank you for enriching our lives, and for having touched our souls with your presence.  We miss you dearly.


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