Rainy Tuesday, last day of November

30 Nov

It’s hard to believe the month is over already. November blew in with the falling maple leaves, and swirled about in activity, and is speeding right past my nose. The morning frost the other day was indicative of the approaching winter – but it almost seemed as though a cruel tease when the daytime temperatures rose to above 50 degrees. My parents sent over a lovely collection of vegetable cutters in various cute shapes, as well as a fancy Japanese bento “how-to” guide with instructions on how to make star-shaped quail (fresh of course) eggs to how to cut out a nori Mickey Mouse head.  A bit too intense for me to tackle at this point in my bento making life – but definitely a book full of wonderful ideas.  If only I had four more hours a night to create such masterpieces!

Alas.  My bento creation wasn’t exactly the Magic Kingdom, but I tried out one of the cute vegetable cut-outs.  Trial and error.  Certainly a lot of carrots and daikon that I consumed last night…

Today’s lunch consisted of:

Blanched carrot and (conventional) daikon slices, cut in penguin shapes, seasoned with a ginger-soy sauce dressing 

Omelette rolled with blanched and well-drained spinach and katsuobushi, seasoned with a little salt and pepper

Meatball – (conventional) beef, in a tomato sauce with celery, peppers and onions – Papa’s creation from the weekend

Sliced chikuwa, sautéed in a cast-iron skillet to crisp the surface, and seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil vinaigrette

I’ll have to continue looking for vegetables and items wide enough to make the cut-outs work!


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