Glorious Hump Day in December ~

8 Dec

After a relatively calmer day at work, I got home, got dinner on the table for the girls, and did the daily dinner bribe routine.  Whether the prize be TV, book or animal crackers – the little one mechanically ate like a machine, while the older one (must be the lack of nap) whirled through her daily routine of drama, tears, defiance, and resignation. 

I then bathed both, snuggled with both on the couch and watched a quick episode of Anpanman on NHK, and put them both to bed.  They both have handmade blankies sent over lovingly from my mother, and they love to snuggle in bed with these each night. 

The little one drops off to sleep in her crib, and the older one is massaged all over by one of our feline bakers, who motor-purrs each evening prior to her settling down next to her.

I then tackled lunch.

Applegate turkey bologna rolled with chikuwa (conventional)

Whole wheat pasta and TJ’s foursome vegetable salad with olive oil, soy sauce and ginger dressing

Omelette wrapped with blanched spinach and shirasu (baby sardines that are caught, salted, and frozen for sale – of course I defrosted and cooked!)

Celery sticks

I might have to gather all my strength and energy to defrost that pound of frozen ground turkey and think of some good, protein ideas.  I’ve also seen some interesting ones in a Japanese cookbook (for budget-conscious housewives) written by my mother’s dear friend, Hiroko Urakami, who has also written this cookbook:  Japanese Family-Style Recipes.

I got the chikuwa idea from the bento guide that my parents sent over.  I’ve got to continue reviewing the recipes for more ideas!


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