Holiday maelstrom approaching…

16 Dec

Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong album is now playing in the car on our drives to preschool, daycare, and beyond.  I find her voice to bring a few minutes of serenity and reflection as we whiz from point A to point B.

Despite my bah-humbug attitude towards the holiday season, I justify my attitude is coming from what seems to be the increasing focus and succumbing of society to “Blowout Sales!” “Buy Now!” surrounded by the constant droning undercurrent of instant gratification, constant wants, needs, and possession.  In a situation where I heard of someone providing a child a catalogue to circle what they desired for Christmas, I couldn’t help but be concerned and saddened.  Is life simply reduced to mass produced paper with smiling actors peddling wares, and children are introduced to instant gratification through circling these items?  My husband and I strive to highlight to our children, the importance of a good work ethic, loyalty, and the importance of a good education.  Perhaps the Japanese side is coming out when I also try to stress to my daughters, the importance to respect everything, including items we use in our daily lives.  My parents always reprimanded me if I used my feet to move an item that could be moved by my hand – in my youth, I was annoyed at what seemed to be something so insignificant; however, as I grew older, I realized the importance.  Feet are considered dirty – and to kick something to move it, or even worse, to step on an item, such as a book, is unacceptable.  I constantly remind my children not to use their feet to move things, as well as to always pick things off the floor.  I guilt those who forget to take their shoes off at our door (with the exception of a few who are unable to remove their shoes) and am fanatical when it comes to wiping down after shoes are worn through the house, or if a suitcase that my husband took on a business trip is rolled through the house en route to the basement.

And I digress….

As my girls grow older, what seemed to be non-issues when my husband and I met fifteen years ago become more important.  Perhaps I’m just getting older?  Or … perhaps I’m more similar to my parents than I imagined.

As the 2010 holiday maelstrom swirls in, I hope my girls are exposed to, and learn the importance of humility, humanity, and generosity.  Deep, you say, they’re only tots, you remind me.  Yet, I think it’s important to maintain such a mindset to align them to a life-long challenge amidst the societal tidal wave of constant change and distraction.  Maybe it’s just me, digging my heels into the shifting landscape of constant info bombardment by television, internet, and other media.  Perhaps.  Pretty philosophical for a bento blog.  Or am I just projecting my *micromanaging* tendencies that I’ve recently been called out on. Bah! 

On that note… today’s lunch includes:

Boiled egg

Star and heart shaped steamed beets

Carrot sticks

Applegate Farm turkey bologne cut into heart shapes

Spiral wheat pasta with sauteed onion, tomato and basil sauce


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