Favorite things for Monday

20 Dec

If the holiday season was a race, let’s say, a 400 metre race, I feel I’ve sprinted past the first 100 metres, and now I’m keeping pace through the next 100.  Back in my high school days, I wasn’t exactly long distance or marathon material.  I found 200 metres to be the perfect distance where I could run as fast as I could – but I didn’t have to be a lightning fast gazelle, sprinting through 1o0 metres, nor did I have to last 400 metres, a full lap around the track.  For me, the last 100 metres were challenging, since most smart runners would save enough energy through the first 300 metres and sprint the last quarter of the track.  At that 300 metre mark, my thoughts would be “Why didn’t I pace myself the first 100?  Why do my legs hurt?  Will I get to that finish line?  Crap – they’re PASSING me….!”

Fortunately, this year, the holiday blitz has not burned me out completely.  I’ve gotten through some events successfully, and I’m heading towards that last 200 metre stretch… without being out of breath. 

Who knew my short stint on the track team would be useful in surviving the holiday race?
In the spirit of “My Favorite Things,” I packed my daughter’s favorite things.

Steamed beets (hearts and kitty)

Cellophane noodles with minced turkey, simmered in dashi stock, mushroom essence, soy sauce and ginger

Blanched spinach with black sesame seeds

Grilled chicken drumette braised in a sweet (Coca-cola) sauce.  Yes.  I decided to treat my daughter to a surprise… and yes.  Coca-cola makes a lovely sauce with chicken!


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