Back to grind – Day 2, January 2011

4 Jan

It’s been a gradual return to normalcy, with children being coaxed back into normal bedtime, dinners  at the kitchen table (little one safely strapped into her high chair and not cruising about the house with finger food) and bedtime routines are followed with the precision and structure of an ISO rated industrial facility.
Last night, a small meltdown occurred when I picked up the girls from daycare. My provider told me she made fresh shrimp scampi, with tortellini and gravy for lunch. My stomach growled.  I thought of my distracted lunch of a vegetarian sub sandwich and some lukewarm lentil-split pea soup, and was just a bit envious.
Dinner was accompanied with two Skype sessions with Papa (stuck at work) and the Overseas Grandparents – the kids were chipper as they waved and poked at the images on-screen.  We finished off the osechi, or New Year’s dishes ordered from Takumi Restaurant in Commack.  I probably should be cooking my own dishes – but choosing between getting crushed by December celebratory cooking and ordering from a professional whose dashimaki tamago (rolled savory egg omelette) is light, fluffy and addictive, and whose restaurant reminds me of home, I’ll gladly choose the latter.

Today’s lunch continues with some easy packing:

Turkey meatballs with flax-seed, minced onion, carrots, ginger, garlic, mushroom and bits of steel-cut oats with TJ’s tomato-basil marinara sauce

Steamed broccoli with katsuobushi (shaved bonito) and a drop of soy sauce

Carrot sticks

Conventional mini-sausages cut into octopus and flower shapes

A bit short on the carbohydrates today.  I’ll have to think of some ideas on my drive home.


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