Where are you spring? Week 3 of the new year

3 Feb

January was simply, a wild ride.  Sandwiched between various school closings resulting from weather, parent-teacher conferences and illness, my normal routine was completely off schedule.  It felt as though I was driving through a speed-bump riddled parking lot at 40 mph.  Perhaps I was too relaxed after the year-end hurricane of events, and before I knew it, February blew Punxsutawney Phil out of his lair into the midst of an ice storm, glazing him with a 1/4 inch thick coat of ice.  Perhaps he wanted to retract his official declaration that spring’s around the corner. 

Perhaps I spoke too soon when I stated my blog wasn’t going to face a sad ending due to my mikka bouzu tendencies…. but wait!  Here I am!

My daughter has stubbornly remained on a beet kick – so you will see I’ve religiously included roasted or steamed beets in her box.

The day after Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I packed a colorful bento as follows:

Baked turkey meatballs with minced shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic, flax seeds and grated ginger

Steamed broccoli

Roasted potatoes seasoned with a tiny bit of sea salt

Sliced roasted beets

Grape tomatoes

Sliced cucumbers

The next day, Wednesday the 19th, I packed:

Steamed broccoli

Roasted beets

Pan-seared chicken tenders seasoned with Trader Joe’s 21 spice seasoning

Whole wheat rotini pasta with turkey meatballs in marinara sauce

The 20th was a continuation of the beet and meatball medley…

Roasted beets

Baked turkey meatballs with minced shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onion, garlic, flax seeds and grated ginger

Grape tomatoes

Roasted potatoes with sea salt


I actually roasted the potatoes in a little goose fat that I had saved from our Christmas roast and had stored in the refrigerator.  The potatoes were crispy on the outside, but creamy on the inside, and despite the nagging guilt of calorie counting, they certainly were decadent. 

I realize there were several days of meatballs; however, my daughter tends to finish her meatball lunches – perhaps they are easy to eat during her lunch period.


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