The long week – third week of February

3 Mar

Rewinding a few blog entries, this was the week of the lost Spencer.  Between the emotional rollercoaster of lost cat, husband away on business, dog recovering from surgery with the cone of shame, it was a very long week.

Valentine’s Day always has bittersweet memories for me.  During my awkward gosling (not cygnet :)) stage of adolescence, I felt the coke-bottle glasses and metallic braces helped very little with my looks or self-esteem.  A memorable Valentine’s day was one where a dear friend of mine and I posted anonymous declarations of love in the high school newspaper – my crush, the high school jock, and her crush, a funky skater-boy.  The buzz in the lunchroom was evident during lunch on that Valentine’s Day – and we still chuckle remembering that day, twenty years later.  (I ended up ‘fessing up when I moved from NY to Atlanta mid-year)

This year, I was called by my receptionist to the front for a box delivery of flowers.  “Who is R__ D__?  Is this you?” she asked.  I chuckled.  It was my married name, which only close friends and family know about.  “It’s me,” I replied, and picked up the boxful of gorgeous roses from my husband across the country.  It was a welcome packet of love during a very very dark, and exhausting week of searching for Spencer.  Thanks Papa!

Monday’s lunch was:

Roasted chicken wings, baked in the oven at 325 degrees for 30 minutes, seasoned with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice

Blanched broccoli

Steamed beets cut into hearts

Steamed multi-grain rice with black and white sesame seeds

My daughter always loves the roasted chicken wings.  I usually disjoint them at the wing and the drumette and pack them for her lunches.  On these days, when I open up her bento box to wash it out for the next day, I find the bones with every bit of chicken nibbled off. 

Tuesday was:

Roasted chicken wings

Steamed beets cut into stars

Steamed multi-grain rice with black sesame seeds

Grape tomatoes

Today’s lunch carcass were the carefully picked pods of the edamame and of course, the bones of the chicken.  A hit lunch again!

Today, I made a savory omelette filled with sautéed minced onion, scallions and zucchini mixed with browned ground turkey.  I cooked this over medium heat in my favorite Lodge mini skillet.  I cooled the finished omelette, and cut on an angle.

Grape tomatoes

Steamed broccoli


Steamed multi-grain rice with white sesame seeds

Steamed beets cut into half-moons

There were two pieces of omelette left over, as well as some rice.  I set the bento box aside on the counter and turned around to start preparing for dinner, and within five seconds, I found a little hand reaching over the counter, over the edge of the bento box, and very quickly – it grabbed  and disappeared with an omelette piece.  My older one, seeing this, started crying, and said “MY eggie….”

Ah.  The chaotic sounds of the evening dinner rush at our house…

Thursday’s lunch, couldn’t think of an appropriate protein.  It was day 6 of fitful sleeping, and I had fallen asleep, sitting upright, as I was trying to tackle the mountain of laundry in my bedroom.  I want to know where all my girls’ right socks disappear to, and I grumbled to myself how I should have gotten into the habit of putting their socks into a laundry net prior to washing… Just another chore for another day…

Thursday lunch:

Steamed beets, quarters

Blanched broccoli

Grape tomatoes

Steamed edamame

Steamed multi-grain rice (again, this is brown rice, quinoa, millet, wheat berries and pearl barley) with black sesame seeds

Friday was pizza day, so I could concentrate on tapping on a cat food can again, on Thursday night.


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