A follow-up note from Jiji and Baba about breakfast

19 Mar

A loyal reader, and an unfaltering supporter of my blog – my father sent me a quick correction email regarding their breakfast noted in my blog, yesterday.  I’ve included below – again, this breakfast is a result of their seeking a healthy option for their daily breakfast for optimal health.
Here it is:

Breakfast is always half a piece of toasted wheat bread with butter.  Served with a slice of cheese, half a banana with plain yogurt and kinako (ground soy bean powder)  and ground powder of sesame, and sometimes with jam or honey, half an apple cut into two pieces with peel, half a tomato or two~ three mini tomato, half a kiwi, two walnut halves, and half sheet of Nori or dried seaweed.  A cup of coffee and milk.

After the meal, we take a supplement pill of vitamin C and also a pill of Calcium


I stopped by Makinajian’s Poultry Farm, earlier, and the owners, Mick and Tina were very concerned about my parents and family.  Thank you again, for your concern – my parents and family are fortunately outside the epicenter, as well as the 50 mile perimeter from Fukushima.

Continued hope and strength to those in Japan, the affected areas, and those affected by the events of March 11.


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