It’s a Manic Monday…

21 Mar

Welcome Spring… in the form of… wet snow!

We’ve had a few successful lunches, so I’m hoping we’re on the right track.  These days, red pepper slices are hitting home runs, as well as the requisite beets.

Watercress in the fridge needed to be consumed, so I blanched, and squeezed all the liquid out.  I then topped them with katsuobushi, with a quick drizzle of soy sauce.

Beets were roasted, sliced, and today’s shape was a flock of penguins. 

Steamed multi-grain rice with the usual suspects – brown rice, quinoa, millet, wheat berries, pearled barley.  I set out on a flat dish to cool, and mix in a bit of ground black sesame seeds. 

Boiled egg, left overnight in a small tupperware of soy sauce and dashi.  I might have been a little heavy with the ground shiitake powder – I LOVE this stuff I found at Makinajian’s – I’m hoping it doesn’t overwhelm the other flavors.

A little snack for after lunch are little Anpanman shaped crackers in a small container.  I included 4 pieces (the reasoning we use at our house, is that we get as many as our age) after my daughter’s preschool teacher mentioned ALL the other children bring a small post-lunch snack.

As much as I hate including empty sugar calories, the thought of her feeling left out didn’t sit well with me.  I’ll just have to start scouring the shelves for interesting “snacks.”  Too bad a little fruit or carrot sticks don’t count!


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