Springtime Tuesday, before the snow…

24 Mar

Yes, I said snow. 

Spring can’t make up her mind – and I drove through wet, slushy, snow to work yesterday morning thinking how in the world was I going to start getting my vegetable garden ready?  The slushy ice coasted my windshield, and little belts of frozen precipitation slid down occasionally.

With daylight’s saving in effect, it’s nice to pick up the girls from daycare while the sun’s still out.  My older daughter, worried, asked “Mama, why are you picking me up when it’s still sunny?”  I told her, “It’s springtime, so the sun’s staying out longer.  Plus, Mama was able to rush home to see her gorgeous princesses.”

Tuesday’s lunch was:

Roasted chicken wings which were pan-fried in a dry, cast-iron skillet, which crisped up the skin, and then put into a soy-sauce/dashi/mirin marinade overnight to add flavor to the chicken, served at room temperature.  I drained and blotted the chicken pieces well before packing them. 

Roasted beets – in airplane shapes

Blanched broccoli and sugar snap peas

Steamed multi-grain rice with sesame seeds and little salt


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