“T” for Tuesday Tacos!

29 Mar
By chance, today was Taco Tuesday. 
Tacos?  Really?
Over the weekend, my husband declared, he wanted Tacos for dinner.  I raced around, trying to source the materials – fortunately, I found most of the items organically, except for the shredded cheese, which is Trader Joe’s lite Mexican Mix (claims hormone free) and the mild salsa, similarly from Trader Joe’s.  Fortunately, he did the cooking, and by the time I returned from one or the other of my errands, dinner was ready. 
The weekend version tacos included:
Hard tacos – I believe these are Bearitos
Browned and seasoned beef – hubby sniffed and turned his nose up when I offered ground turkey for him to cook.  “If you want to make something separate for the girls, you can, but I want regular meat,” he negotiated.  Fn.  A little red meat to be signed off of dinner duty – sure!!
Shredded romaine
Chopped tomato
Salsa (conventional) – Trader Joe’s mild, which is perfect for the family.  I can almost eat it out of the container, like a very chunky gazpacho, but I hold back.
Shredded cheese (conventional, no hormones) – Trader Joe’s lite Mexican cheese mix
Chopped fresh avocado
Sour cream
Taco sauce (conventional)
We assembled the tacos, and offered them to the girls.  The older one carefully nibbled around her taco shell, and managed to eat everything together.  The little one broke the taco in two, picked out the avocado, beef, cheese, and lettuce, and made a face at the tomato.  Yet, they both enjoyed their meal, and my older daughter told my husband, “Papa, you have to make that again.  It was my favorite.”
Papa beamed.
I definitely had a home-run lunch yesterday.  My daughter opened her lunch box at daycare, and displayed her empty box for me to see.  “Mama!  I finished ALLLLL my bento today!”
Today’s lunch included:
Taco shell – hoping it didn’t crack en route to school!
Browned seasoned beef
Shredded romaine lettuce
Chopped tomato
Trader Joe’s fresh salsa – mild, and well drained
Shredded cheese
I am hoping my daughter has fun assembling her lunch today.  I did not include sour cream or guacamole, as she has a strange aversion to white and creamy foods.  Yogurt, sour cream, NO, but WAIT – ice cream a big YES!  Plus, I ran out of space in her bento box, so hopefully she’ll manage.

Taco Tuesday!


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