Wednesday bento, back to the usual

30 Mar

I had thought Taco Tuesday would be a great success, but my daughter shook her head.  “Mama, it was better at home,” she said.  I asked her whether she wanted hot soup or a bento box for Wednesday lunch, and very quickly responded, “Mama bento!”

So here we are, back to our bento for Wednesday.

I did try to think of a bunch of “W” starting words, but I had no watermelon, watercress salad didn’t appeal to me, and wakame salad only could count as a side dish.  A true “W” lunch would have been a “Wafuu or Japanese style lunch, but I was too tired last night to prepare anything elaborate.

Instead, I packed everything she rattled off in the car as “Mama, my faaaavorites!”

Baked turkey-flax meatballs

Sliced red peppers

Japanese cucumbers (conventional)

Roasted beets

Boiled quail eggs  (conventional) 

Here’s a picture of the quail eggs in their shells.  My daughters love them, and the little one continues to search for opportunities to sneak one out of her sister’s bento box.  They are the perfect size for a child’s bento.  At Shin Nara Japanese Foods, they cost $2.49 per packet.  The eggs are small enough to comfortably sit inside a teaspoon. 

The only downside is that they are delicate, and my second purchase yielded 4 that were cracked – I must have been careless carrying them home from work… Oh well – we improvise!The girls had 4 boiled quail eggs with dinner, and they thoroughly enjoyed each one.


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