A little blue Thursday

13 Apr

All seemed normal as I got my older daughter ready for school – face washed, lunch packed, breakfast on table.  I got her seated at the table, and then walked into the little one’s bedroom to get her ready. 

She wasn’t the bouncy little girl I always see in the morning, and seemed a bit under the weather.

I got her dressed, teeth brushed, face washed, and sat her next to her sister in her high-chair.

She poked at her food, shook her head and said in a tiny voice, “No want it.”  Definitely not my normally determined and assertive two-year old.

Without a temperature, it was difficult to ascertain what was wrong with her until later in the morning.  We spent a day snuggled on the couch – I attempted to work from home, while she was cocoon-ed in a blanket next to me with the occasional “Mama mi-mi (infant language carryover for milk, or in this case, something to drink)…”

Thursday’s lunch  for my older daughter included:

Turkey/flax meatballs, baked

Roasted beets in star shapes

Blanched broccoli with katsuobushi and a drop of soy sauce

Steamed multi-grain rice (brown rice, quinoa, millet, wheat berries, barley) with sesame seed and nori furikake (seaweed seasoning)


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