Mid-April, Mid-week, it’s Wednesday

25 Apr

Today’s bento was:

Blanched sugar snap peas – my daughters love to pretend they are edamame, and they gently pull the pods apart, and gently scrape the peas away with their teeth, and then eat the rest of the peas.

Roasted beets in star shapes

Cucumber sticks

Baked turkey-flax-oatmeal and veggie meatballies

A random thought to add.

My older daughter loves steamed clams – specifically steamers, which we peel, and we “dip dip” in the clam broth.  When I drop my older one off at preschool, we drive past my favorite summer eatery, The Shack, where we can have a lazy afternoon of post-summer beach outdoor grazing.  Here, she gets her “dip dip” little necks, where she’ll pluck the plump clams from the shells and dip them into the clam broth. 

The eatery itself isn’t anything fancy – and frankly, it’s nothing spectacular.  It’s a burger and beer joint on the corner of a semi-busy road in the summer – with food that isn’t anything out of the ordinary.  However, it’s the simple idea of being able to eat outdoors, amongst the tatooed bikers and the toddler-toting family that I love – the brief hour or two of sitting outdoors, sipping a cold beer, and picking at dinner (in my case, some seafood dish, for my husband, a cheese burger), while the girls keep themselves busy, with little necks or the little one taking matters into her own literal hands (forget the fork) of fist-fulls of linguine and clam sauce.

Each day, we drive by the restaurant – closed for the season – and I hear both girls pipe up in their car seats, “Mama! Mama!  Shack! Shack! Shack! Dip! Dip!” My older one, excited for her clams, the little one, simply wrapped up and keeping up with her excitement.

Can’t wait for the summer!


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