Back into the swing of things, last week of April

29 Apr

Life was gradually starting to feel normal again.  Due to sinus pressure, the right side of my head still felt stuffy, but I was starting to feel energetic again.

Tuesday’s lunch included:

Roasted beets cut into hearts

Blanched sugar snap peas

Boiled egg

Baked turkey-flax-multigrain meatballs

Cherry tomatoes

Although these were all items my daughter liked – she only finished bits and pieces of her lunch.  When I asked her why she didn’t eat her lunch, she replied, “I ran out of time…”  I do know she likes to break apart her sugar snap peas, so I reminded her to at least try to eat a little more during her lunch hour.

Wednesday’s lunch included:

Pasta spirals and turkey meatballs in sauce

Cherry tomatoes

Roasted beets in star shapes

Blanched sugar snap peas

Again, her lunch was simply picked over – and what concerned me, was that she left her favorite beets!! Uh oh.

For Thursday, I told her she needed to try to eat more – otherwise I was going to start reconsidering pizza lunches on Friday.  She gave me a pinky promise she was going to eat her lunch.

Thursday’s lunch was:

Baked turkey-flax-multigrain meatball

Steamed multi-grain rice with seasoned seaweed, sesame seeds and rice cracker furikake

Yellow pepper slices

Cherry tomatoes

Roasted beets cut into cat shapes

It must have been the cat-shaped beets.  This lunch was a home run.  She was so proud, “Papa, I finished ALLL my lunch!” was evidently the first thing she told my husband when he picked her up from daycare.

I came home after a long day involving deadlines, meetings in New York City, and a defensive driving course.  My older daughter came running over to me and whispered, “Mama, I finished ALLLLL my lunch.”  Her younger sister came running over, and parroted, ‘Mama, ALLLLLL finish!”

And yes, she had pizza for Friday lunch today.


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