Spring time is here – Tuesday lunch

3 May

I was happy to see Makinajian Farm was starting to have their own home-grown produce for sale.  I like supporting them, and knowing I am buying directly from the very person who grows and picks the vegetables.

This week, they had asparagus in bunches.  I debated – fat or thin?  I decided to go with the pencil-thin ones which I blanch quickly in salted water, and nibble on.

Today’s lunch was:

Turkey mabo-dofu over steamed multi-grain rice

Blanched sugar snap peas and asparagus (fresh from the farm!)

Boiled quail eggs (conventional) – I purchase these, fresh, at the Japanese store – but I often find that I’ve cracked some by mistake.  The packages are in little plastic cartons that are not as sturdy as those for chicken eggs.  In order to prevent my clumsiness from crushing these little treasures, I carry them separately from all the other groceries, and they ride home in the passenger seat of my car, solo.  When I pick up girls, the older daughter carefully holds the corners of the container – I explained, “Mama sometimes is too clumsy and cracks them by mistake.”

Roasted beets in cat shapes

Hopefully another home run lunch!


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