Windy Wednesday – a salmon-beet-asparagus-quail egg day~

4 May

My daughters are enjoying the fresh asparagus from the farm, and insist on having some for dinner each day.  I’ve been blanching the thin spears, and then cutting them into inch long pieces.  Last night, I chopped up the cut-out beet pieces (from the older one’s lunches), and tossed them and the asparagus with a vinaigrette made with apple cider vinegar, olive oil and soy sauce.  The girls’ lips puckered a little as they gobbled down the beet-asparagus salad, their mouths outlined with a faint magenta ring of beet juice.

Today’s lunch included:

Pan-seared Scottish salmon (conventional, non-farmed) fillet over steamed multi-grain rice – I was too tired and lazy to fire up the grill last night.

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

Blanched asparagus spears and cherry tomatoes

Roasted beets in penguin shapes

The farm has artichokes – so I pick one up every week, and serve them, steamed during the week as a treat.  Last night was artichoke night, and at our house, we dip the artichoke leaves in a soy sauce/lemon juice dipping sauce.  The older one now has the hang of how to scrape the artichoke meat from the leaves – however, the little one is still learning.  Sometimes I see her making faces as she is trying to chew on the tough outer leaves.  Other times, I stop her from lifting up her small dish and drinking the dipping sauce.

Either way – we often skype with Baba and Jiji, and they watch, fascinated, as the girls methodically work through the layers of leaves, and then onto the tender artichoke heart (after I scrape away the fuzz from the choke).


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