Thursday bento lunch – Children’s Day!

6 May

My daughters enjoy their fish – whether they are dried, broiled, grilled, steamed, braised or raw.  They ask for niboshi to snack on while I get their dinners ready in the evening – and they offer them to their grandparents in Japan during their skype session.  An offering of a snack from this side of the laptop screen, across the ocean.

The older one also practices her songs for Japanese school with her grandparents.  This week’s song, “Koinobori is a song about the carp streamers that are put up in honor of Children’s Day, or Kodomono hi , celebrated on May 5th.  The little one pipes up, and the two quibble over whose turn it is to sing.

Thursday’s lunch included:

Pan seared salmon – over steamed multigrain rice.  She asked for this again – so sure, here we go!

Blanched sugar snap peas, sliced

Roasted beets – heart-shaped

Boiled quail eggs, and grape tomatoes

Friday is pizza day, so a day off for me.  However, on Saturday, she takes a small bento into school for a mid-morning snack, so I’ll have to think of something easy to pack up.


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