Lunch for a May Monday!

9 May

Today’s lunch included:

Armenian cucumbers (conventional) – I found these at Trader Joe’s, and they are absolutely delicious.  They are about 4 inches long, thin-skinned, very tender with very small seeds.  I served them peeled and cut up with hummus as an appetizer for dinner on Sunday.  I had two cucumbers saved for the week for either a bento or for a snack.

Steamed corn – leftover from last night, but they seemed perfect to cut into 1 inch pieces

Baked turkey and flax meatballs, steamed asparagus spears

Roasted beets – heart-shaped

Steamed multi-grain rice with black sesame seeds

I have actually been thinking how I need to include rice balls, or onigiri in my daughter’s lunch boxes – but this will mean, I will have to either use white rice, or just brown rice, since multi-grain rice is too crumbly to form into rice balls.  The dilemma.  My father gently suggested I start including items that a typical Japanese child might enjoy for lunch – so I’ll have to start practicing and experimenting!


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