Mother’s Day full of what Mama wanted

9 May

My husband buzzed about trying to figure out how to fit his extended family of three mothers and a brother (with I’m guessing varying political pulling and pushing) into one day.

Plans went from going to the Riverhead aquarium, a game farm, an amusement park to an exasperated, “Whatever you want to do.”

I rushed around on Sunday morning, dropping the older one off at swimming classes at the YMCA, and came home to find out we were now on our own for Mother’s Day.  Too little time, too much distance to cover in order to make the fish-viewing-animal-petting day come to fruition.

That was fine with me.

We ended up going to Adventureland, a local amusement park.  As we pulled into the driveway, my husband and I collectively groaned.  The weather was nice, the parking lot appeared to full – and we forgot the stroller for the little one.  The day was going to be a long one with a grouchy two-year old who still needed a nap.

Or perhaps not?

We got into the amusement park, and as soon as we started seeing rides, my older daughter decided she wanted to go on the kids’ rollercoaster.  The roller coaster cars, shaped like little ladybugs, were painted a bright red with black spots.  My little one happily pointed and yelled “Tentoumushi (Ladybug)!!”

I accompanied my older daughter on her first ride of the day – and before I knew it, I was back on the Ladybug roller coaster ten more times (accompanying one or the other daughter) before day’s end.

My husband who suffers from motion-sickness, waved from the shady benches as my daughters pulled me from one ride to the next.  The older one pouted if the rides were “Too slow, Mama, not super fast!” while the little one kept on asking, “Again?  Again?  Ladybug again?”

I told my family, “This is a very special day.  So today, Mama wants a hamburger, french fries and cotton candy.”  Everyone, in particular, my husband, cheered.

After a few more hours of rides, my husband and I steered our girls towards home.  On our way out of the park, we had two more rides each on the Ladybug coaster, my girls happily waving their hands as the coaster zipped down the hills.

I told my husband all I wanted for dinner was a lobster boil with lobster, clams and potatoes.  As promised, we had lobster, clams, an Alaskan King Crab leg (all for me!), red potatoes and corn, steamed perfectly, and enjoyed outside on our patio.  My husband dipped his lobster and clams into melted butter, I dipped my lobster, clams and king crab into ponzu.

It certainly was a lovely day with much laughter and good food.  I’m the world’s luckiest mom!


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