Whirly Wednesday

11 May

At daycare pick-up last night, my older daughter greeted me with a forlorn look, saying, “Mama.  I didn’t have time to finish my bento.”  “That’s OK,” I told her.  “Did you at least like what I packed?”  Her face broke out into a beaming smile.  “Yeeeees Mama, and I finished ALLLLL my lunch!!”  She then ran over and gave me a huge hug.

The little one came running after her, and screamed, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLL finished! ZEEEEEN-BU (all, in Japanese)!”

Wednesday lunch included:

Steamed multi-grain rice, topped with age-kama or fried fish cakes, cut into cat shapes.  The green is the blanched broccoli stems cut into small pieces, and seasoned lightly with a little soy sauce.

Blanched broccoli with a drop of soy sauce

Grape tomatoes

Roasted beets in heart shapes


My girls love to play dress-up, every chance they have.  They have little tulle dresses and skirts in pink and in purple, and they like to spin around, little ballerinas, twirling around the living room. 

They also have a pair of dress up slippers – a little pair of kitten-heel plastic slip-ons with a wisp of pink feathers on the front.  The girls take turns putting on these little shoes, and I hear clip-clop-clip-clop at varying speeds (depending on who’s wearing the shoes) down the hall.  A  pause.  Then, little socked feet running into the kitchen where I’m getting dinner ready, a flash of tulle, and my girls hugging my legs.


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