Mid-May Monday Onigiri Bento

16 May

After the success of my onigiri attempt, my daughters have both been requesting rice-ballies-with-nori for every meal. 

Perhaps it’s the novelty.

My older one will carefully hold her onigiri, and take carefully, calculated bites of both rice and nori

The little one will unwrap the nori from her onigiri, eat it first, and then break off small lumps of rice.

“Mama, I want an onigiri for lunch today, ” my older daughter requested.  I was hesitant – what if someone tells her nori is yucky… but then again, she might not mind the comments, and simply go her merry way at lunchtime.

Today’s lunch included:

Onigiri seasoned with nori (seaweed) flakes, sesame seed and dried greens wrapped with a strip of noriI used Kagayaki brand, sprouted brown rice – I couldn’t find organic at the store, but will continue looking.

Grilled wild salmon (conventional)

Blanched asparagus

Roasted yummy beets – star shapes

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

Hopefully she enjoyed her lunch!


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    […] berries and barley) with toasted white sesame seeds and a little salt mixed in before I formed the onigiri.  Center is okaka (katsuobushi seasoned with soy sauce).  I’ll have to find a different […]

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