Onigiri = Sushi?

17 May

 As I picked up my girls from daycare last night, my older daughter put on her serious face and told me, “Mama.  I tried a little bit of everything in my lunch.”

“Did you like what was in your bento?” I asked.  I was a little worried about what she might say about her lunch-mates’ comments.

“My friend said, ‘You have sushi for lunch!'” she beamed.

I was amazed.  I don’t recall knowing many 4-year olds who knew what sushi was… I figured this wasn’t the time to open up the debate over vinegared rice roll = sushi, regular rice ball = onigiri, but I was amused.

She added, “I want another ballie for tomorrow!”

I gently corrected her.  “It’s an onigiri, ok?”

“Ballie?” asked the little one.

“No, it’s an onigiri,” I repeated.

Both furrowed their eyebrows.  Ballie, no ballie or onigiri, they wanted one again.

When I got home, my daughter brought out her lunchbox and said, “Mama, can you help me open my bento box so I can finish it?”

The bento box seemed extremely light – but I unlatched the cover and gave my daughter the bento box.

“Mama, ZEEEEEEEN-BU Owatta-yo! (Mama I finished eeeeeverything!)” she beamed, as she proudly held open her bento box.  She held up her empty lunchbox on Skype to show Jiji and Baba in Japan as well.

“Good job!” they both said.  Jiji, I believe, is beaming because his onigiri idea has been so successful. 

Today’s lunch included:

Age kama (fried Kamaboko, or fish-cakes) cut into cat shapes

Grilled salmon fillet (conventional, wild)

Blanched asparagus

Sprouted brown rice onigiri mixed with furikake with sesame seeds and katsuobushi

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

Sliced red peppers


8 Responses to “Onigiri = Sushi?”


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