A week of asparagus and onigiri

19 May

This morning I realized, to my dismay, I set the rice cooker for the wrong time – having reversed a.m. and p.m.  Luckily, I have a “quick steam” setting which saved my bento for today.

I used 1 cup of the Kagayaki sprouted brown rice, and 1 cup organic brown rice, and found the onigiri stayed together well.  I don’t know whether this was because of the cooker setting, but for today’s lunch, it worked.

Today’s lunch included:

Onigiri with sesame seed and katsuobushi furikake, wrapped in a strip of nori

Boiled egg

Corn on the cob – boiled

Roasted beets in star-shapes

Blanched asparagus

I’ve had two completely finished lunch boxes this week (hopefully today will be a home run too) – and Tuesday, she left a little bit of asparagus and a little bit of her onigiri.  She happily cheered as I told her this morning, tomorrow is Pizza Lunch day !! – and the little one followed suit. 

“Pizza?  Me?  Yay!” she clapped.

Next week – I’ll experiment with the onigiri seasonings and shapes, as well as experiment with variations on the asparagus.


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