Easter bunnies and bento

23 May

If you recall, last week, I remarked how I find my morning onigiri making to be absolutely meditative and soothing.  Zennigiri, let’s call it – a play on onigiri itself!

Over the weekend, a welcome package arrived with an exciting bento tool. 

The Egg-mold, which gives me the power to press and to shape hot, shelled, hard-boiled eggs into adorable edible pieces of art!

I ran a test-run this weekend when we drove into New York City for the 5th Annual Japan Day Festival.  As I was advised there would be no food booths or vendors within the festival, I prepared boiled eggs, onigiri, veggies and fruit for the girls.  I picked up a sandwich for my husband (he prefers bread and meat) – and we headed in for a day of culture, art, and face-painting.

Excited squeals and enthusiastic requests for “More eggies?” convinced me these molds are  hit-makers.  The little one gobbled down one egg, and before she was finished, asked for another one.  Cholesterol concerns made me limit her to one, but my husband later asked, “Don’t they have quail egg molds?”  Good idea!

I’ll be on a quest for those, shortly.

Today’s lunch includes:

Boiled egg – bunny shaped with a beet nose and sesame seed eyes.  The beet juice bled a little bit so I’ll have to continue experimenting to see what I can do to contain the color.

Onigiri – rice ball seasoned with sesame seed, nori flakes wrapped in nori

Asparagus spear wrapped in Applegate ham and browned in an iron skillet.  No oil added.

Roasted beets in heart shapes

I turned to my husband on our way home, and told him, “I just realized we live in the country.” 

Growing up in various locations in Queens, I never imagined I would have bunnies visiting our property, nor did I imagine finding swallows creating a nest above our garage.  My little one is convinced that every rabbit is THE Easter bunny, and every time we see a rabbit – whether it be the live ones visiting our yard, the blow-up bunny she won at the amusement park on Mother’s Day, or the little brown bunnies on her blanket, she exclaims, “EASTER BUNNY! Mama, EASTER BUNNNNNIES!”

I’m sure you could imagine what she said when she saw the boiled egg-bunny in her sister’s bento box this morning.

“Mama, tamago (egg), EASTER BUNNNNY! Me tooooo!”


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