Thursday summer bento

3 Jun

Thursday’s lunch included:
Grilled chicken drumstick, seasoned with soy sauce, fresh lemon juice, pepper and grated ginger – grilled over medium low heat

Onigiri with an okaka (katsuobushi, or shaved bonito flakes, seasoned and slightly moistened with soy sauce) filling wrapped in nori

Roasted beets in heart shapes

Boiled quail eggs (conventional)

My daughter’s school held a science fair on Thursday afternoon, which I attended with her.  Her face lit up when she saw me waiting outside her classroom for her – and she came running and gave me a hug. 

She enjoyed an afternoon full of a variety of activities – including creating a terranium, creating a bouncy-ball with household ingredients, creating sand-art, planting beans, and her most favorite of all – watching the creation of homemade (organic!) ice cream using liquid nitrogen.  I was her science project porter – as I toted her completed projects around the grounds.  I loved watching her savor each spoonful of the ice cream – and tipping up her ice cream cup to make sure she got every last drop.

Even more exciting was the flock of little baby quails in a tank – a bit interesting, since her lunch had boiled quail eggs….

We picked up the little one from daycare together, and we then played outside in the yard.  Actually – I tended to my vegetable garden – or rather, hurriedly uprooted all the rogue pumpkin plants that I had been carefully growing – thinking they were cucumber plants regenerating themselves on their own.

Thankfully my neighbor pointed out my error before I awoke to the Great Pumpkin sitting in the middle of my vegetable garden.

The older one came into the garden, and asked for fresh lettuce to munch on.  She happily rinsed them off with the garden hose, and danced around the yard, waving them like fans as she took delicate bites out of the leaves.

The little one followed her older sister – but she balled the leaves up in her hands, and spun dizzy circles, while our dog, Kiki, hopped around both of them.


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