First weekend of June

7 Jun

The past Saturday was another 6 hour school day, so I packed a late-morning snack, as well as the main bento for her lunch.

Distractions often derail a smooth meal – so I packed easy “nibbles” for her snack.

Boiled egg in a teddy bear shape

Boiled turkey meatball – I had made a quick nabe or hot-pot for Friday dinner, where I essentially cooked vegetables (napa cabbage, spinach leaves, watercress and maitake mushrooms), tofu, udon (conventional) and ground turkey meatballs in a shiitake stock.  I brought a wide pot’s worth of water (with dehydrated shiitake mushrooms) and two tablespoons of ground shiitake powder to a boil.  I then added the tofu, first, and then dropped the turkey meatballs (grated ginger, grated 1/2 onion, flax seeds) and cooked them in the boiling stock.  When the turkey meatballs were cooked (about 7 minutes), I lowered the heat to low, and added the vegetables.  I put the cooked vegetables, tofu and meatballs into a bowl with a little ponzu (soy sauce and fresh lemon juice) and sesame seeds for flavor.  I then added the frozen udon noodles, and allowed them to gently defrost and cook – this doesn’t take too long.  Once the girls were done with their first bowl, I served them the cooked noodles with more vegetables, and used the stock to create a quick soup.  It was seasoned with a little soy sauce, salt, and some fresh grated ginger and chopped scallions.

Green grapes

Grape tomatoes

Celery Sticks

For the main lunch box, I made:

Onigiri with an okaka center.

Roasted beets cut into star shapes

Blanched, well-drained, and chopped spinach, with a katsuobushi (shaved bonito flakes) topping with a little ponzu sauce

Boiled mini-hot dog

Grape tomatoes

Strawberries (not shown)

I showed my daughter both meals before school, and she clapped her hands when she saw I had included the mini-sausages. 

I do know at her snack time, she opened both her lunch boxes, and triumphantly ate her mini-sausage FIRST.

Then she mosey-ed through her other lunch items, methodically, and slowly.


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