Manic Monday in June

7 Jun

The first complete week of June was supposed to start off with a bang.  I gathered the girls up in the morning, had them dressed, fed, and ready to go to school.  Both girls ran into the bedroom to say goodbye to their Papa, and then they raced to the mud-room stairs to get their shoes on. 

The little one stopped in her tracks and wailed, “Mama TENTOUMUSHI (Ladybug)…!”

I raced back to the kitchen to get her ladybug lunchbag  off of the counter, which she likes to tote on her arm like a pocketbook.

I had originally used a University of Michigan lunch-bag which we had purchased on one of our forays to Ann Arbor, MI during football season, but this mysteriously disappeared last year.  I teased my daycare provider (she is a Northwestern alumnus) that she must have disposed of it, but she swore she had nothing to do with its disappearance.

Needless to say, I decided to splurge on a cute lunch-bag for the little one when I saw her enviously eyeing her older sister’s bright red LL Bean backpack

A most worthwhile purchase!

Monday’s lunch included:

Grilled chicken drumstick with a soy sauce, grated ginger, sesame oil, salt and pepper seasoning

Blanched asparagus

Blanched watercress, well-drained (water squeezed out), and cut into 1/2 inch pieces, seasoned with black sesame seeds and a drop of soy sauce

Roasted beets  – too small this week to cut into shapes

Onigiri with a filling of thinly julienned kohlrabi leaves that were first blanched, and then dry-sauteed (no oil) in a hot pan with a three tablespoons of katsuobushi, sesame seeds, and seasoned with a little bit of soy sauce and mirin.  I discovered kohlrabi over the weekend, and fell in love with its sweet, mild taste with the most delicious crunch.  I was inspired to make this dish based on one my mother used to make with daikon radish leaves during my childhood.  We would eat this over steamed rice…

Early in the afternoon, I received a call from my daughter’s preschool, telling me she was extremely uncomfortable due to her eczema.  I was unable to drop everything and leave to pick her up at that time, but fortunately, my daycare provider – our invaluable support – was able to pick her up.

I stopped at a local health food/vitamin on the way home, and grilled the store employee about non-steroid creams.  Fortunately, I found a non-steroid alternative, as well as a holistic anti-histamine chewable supplement made with chamomile and nettle. 

I had taken my older daughter to the pediatrician last week, and was prescribed a steroid topical – and was told to give her Benadryl if she was uncomfortable – but I just couldn’t wrap my head around this.  I’m hoping the alternative treatments work.

I picked both girls up from daycare, and gave them both big hugs.


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