Tuesday, the 158th day of 2011

7 Jun

Tuesday lunch includes:

Blanched, well-drained (wrung) and chopped watercress with black sesame seeds and a drop of soy sauce

Roasted beets

Baked turkey-flax-onion-oatmeal  (steel-cut)-carrot meatballs

Blanched asparagus

Onigiri with kohlrabi leaves and katsuobushi fillingtawara shaped onirigi made with Kagayaki sprouted brown rice wrapped with nori

Red grapes (not shown)

I did not receive a call today from her school – so I am hoping the topical cream, chewable anti-histamine, and probiotics are starting to work… Hopefully not just a placebo effect…

Just a quick note…

I have been eyeballing this strange-looking vegetable for the past week – and I finally asked Tina, one of the co-owners of Makinajian Farm, as to what this alien looking item was. 

“Kohlrabi,” she told me.  “We peel it, slice it and eat it raw,” she added.

I was a bit apprehensive, but the folks at the farm have never steered me wrong.  I bought a bunch of white ones – and brought them home.  I peeled the leaves off, and then I peeled the thin skin off, and cut it into thin slices.

The kohlrabi slices were mild, sweet, and crispy, almost like an apple.  The taste was faintly reminiscent of a broccoli stalk mixed with raw turnip, and it was delicious.  I sometimes slice up daikon to munch on – and these can be peppery hot sometimes, and I had expected a similar bite from the kohlrabi.  I offered them to my girls and to my mother in law – and all of them munched away on our newfound favorite vegetable.


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